Our Visionary!

The drive and vigor to make the Vasudhashree achieve so much ground are owed to their foresight. They were the guiding light and were passionate about taking a great idea and making it into a reality, especially an idea that has a social impact and benefits the community and environment. Their vision is what gave birth to Vasudhashree.

We all draw inspiration from the people close to us whose achievements, struggles, and constant support plays a very crucial role in shaping our life’s journey. The people with whom I was quite attached from childhood were my grandparents especially my paternal grandfather and my maternal grandmother, i.e. my Baba and my Nani. They both were examples of courage, conviction, and ability to challenge the stereotypes

Sri Sripati Misra

Sri Sripati Mishra “Babajee” had left a stable and respectable government service which he had got through state-wide entrance and jumped into public life out of his calling for making a difference in people’s lives and being close to the roots. This made him rise to great heights in his career as he went on to become the CM of the largest state in the country. All throughout his life he was very close to the agrarian issues and he was once chided and then praised by Pt. Nehru himself for voting against the party whip for a bill against the party directive as he thought it was against the farmers’ interest.

He was a foodie and loved good food and during our lunch table discussions we many a times used to discuss how the taste of food has been changing due to the impact of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. All of this inculcated in me the desire to make a difference in the life of people and do something with the most basic of human needs - food

Mrs. Sarla Shukla

Mrs Sarla Shukla “Nani” , she was a double MA from an age where higher education for women was quite uncommon. She worked in the field of education and travelled across the state for that purpose. Being from an industrial belt of western UP, she appreciated the value of enterprise and stood like a rock beside me when I planned to take a plunge into the field of entrepreneurship. It was a kind of a first in my family where no one had been an entrepreneur and being a woman that too in a state not very well known for entrepreneur friendly image and her support was extremely critical in fighting all the odds.